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CPA firm specializing in US Taxes, Canadian Taxes and International Taxes. Our offices are located in Wilmington, Delaware and Toronto, Canada. Our services include but are not limited to international tax consultations regarding individuals or entities operating in more than one country,


US Taxes - US Citizens Living Abroad

US Citizens are required to file a federal income tax return whether they are living inside or outside the United States. The deadline to file an income tax return is June 15 if the Taxpayer is living outside the United States.


Canadian Corporations Providing Services in the US

Canadian Corporations Providing Services in the United States must file Foreign Corporate Tax Return or Form 1120F. Form 1120F is due on June 15 and must be prepared based on calendar year end.

Canadian Corporations are normally in a good position to save thousands of dollars in social security taxes if the entire tax situation is handled correctly.


US Taxes - International and Nonresident Taxes

Nonresidents who own rental properties in the United States must file an income tax return. For these types of returns, due date to file the return is June 15.

Nonresidents who wish to file an income tax return must obtain Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). For more information, please call us.


US-Canada Tax Experts is a mid-sized firm of Certified Public Accountants, International Tax Consultants and Canadian Tax Consultants. With offices in Toronto, Canada and Wilmington, Delaware, we are serving clients in all fifty states in the United States and throughout Canada.

US-Canada Tax Experts is large enough to provide the technical expertise our clients desire, yet small enough to provide the personal attention each client deserves. Every interaction with a client is an opportunity to deliver results. And results are what you can expect from US Canada Tax Experts.

We take the time to learn our client's goals and objectives and apply our specialized industry knowledge to help our clients achieve success. We look not only at clients immediate business objectives, but long term company and personal goals as well. We are passionate about providing clients with an objective viewpoint and insightful advice on their businesses.

At US-Canada Tax Experts, we are committed to our client's success. Our priority is to help them make smart decisions at every turn. Even as we grow, we stick to our culture of personal attention and customized services.

US-Canada Tax Experts is a specialized tax firm that provides tax consulting, tax preparation and bookkeeping services. Whether you are operating in the United States or Canada, we can suggest tax structures to reduce your overall tax liability.

US-Canada Cross Border Tax Filings are complex and only CPA firm that specializes in this area can properly analyze these tax situations. We have assisted many clients to get large refunds simply because their corporate or personal tax returns were prepared by tax professionals who lacked knowledge of tax treaties between US and Canada.

Whenever you are seeking best tax advice, you should not limit yourself to local accountants. In today's world, fixed place is irrelevant. In our normal course of business, we deal with our clients remotely, but we are as close as phone call, email or fax away.

We are members of AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) and abide by their code of ethics.
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